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What does 320×50 – Mobile Leaderboard look like?

The mobile leaderboard dimensions are 320 x 50 pixels. Right is a live example of this ad unit.

Banner advertising has been helping advertisers promote their products and services for more than two decades.

Publishers use the high traffic areas on their websites or APP to display banner ads, usually on the front, bottom, or side of a page. Advertisers buy this ad space either through ad networks or direct negotiation.

320×50 Advice for Inventory Owners

A 320×50 is listed as a top performing ad unit by Google AdSense, so is definitely worth a shot for new websites. This fact alone means it should certainly be implemented instead of the smaller 300×50 if possible.

It is unlikely to be your largest revenue driver as it is not a very large ad. It is however a very good way to monetise mobile ad impressions.

320×50 Advice for Media Buyers

320x50s are one of the smallest ad sizes. They can be effective if used right, and often don’t cost that much to run. They are especially useful as they can hit users at a different point than usual desktop ads, and as they are accepted by AdSense there is plenty of inventory available.

To get the most out of a 320×50, make sure you have a concise message to convey and simple clear graphics. This way you can get your message across in a tiny space.

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