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What does 728×90 – Leaderboard look like?

A leaderboard is a display ad unit that is 728 pixels wide by 90 pixels tall. It is commonly called a 728×90 or Leaderboard, but can also be referred to as a Leaderboard Banner or Super Banner.

A 728×90 ad is usually placed at the top of a webpage so that it will be seen immediately when the page loads.

Leaderboard ads are considered to be the second-best ad size (after MRECs) as they generally perform well and are incredibly common.

728×90 Advice for Inventory Owners

728×90s earn amongst the highest RPM out of any ad size. They fit into the top of webpages so easily and are so prevalent across the internet that they should be used on every page.

A leaderboard at the top of a webpage is unobtrusive and will still earn you good money.

728×90 Advice for Media Buyers

A leaderboard is amongst the best-performing ad slots, so should always be part of an ad buy. It is likely to be amongst the most expensive ad units, but it is generally worth it due to its solid performance.

This ad unit is generally placed at the top of the page and so is the first thing a user will see. This gives these ad units a natural boost to their potential performance.

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