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What are Banner Ads?

One of the oldest forms of online advertising, banner ads are graphical ads that appear on inventories in different sizes and forms with embedded links to advertiser sites. When users click on the ads, they are redirected to the advertiser’s landing page.

Banner advertising has been helping advertisers promote their products and services for more than two decades.

Publishers use the high traffic areas on their websites or APP to display banner ads, usually on the front, bottom, or side of a page. Advertisers buy this ad space either through ad networks or direct negotiation.

What are the common Banner Ad Sizes?

The size of banner ads may vary depending on the content of the inventories. Publishing platforms and the user device may also influence banner ad sizes. For instance, you may want to use different banner ad sizes for mobile and desktop versions of web pages.

1. Medium Rectangle – 300 x 250

A medium rectangle, 300 x 250, that works well on both mobile and desktop. This is one of the most used banner sizes, serving both mobile banner ads and desktop banner ads.

Medium rectangle ads perform best when integrated with text content. They also work great for many ad formats, including text ads, image ads, or video ads.

2. Leaderboard – 728 x 90

A leaderboard or horizontal banner is among the most used banner ad size on desktop web pages. It’s typically placed above the main content and, sometimes, between articles.

The 728 × 90 leaderboard can be placed at the bottom of a page as well. However, most marketers believe it performs best when placed above the fold since many visitors don’t scroll all the way to the bottom of a page. Even when they do, there is less chance of engagement since the content is already completed and users are more likely to navigate somewhere else.

3. Mobile Leaderboard – 320 x 50

The 320×50 ad unit is an IAB Mobile standard ad unit with the dimensions of 320 pixels wide by 50 pixels tall.

This ad size is known as a Mobile Leaderboard or Smartphone Leaderboard. It is the big brother of the 300×50, which is known as a Mobile Banner.

A 320×50 ad unit is most commonly used as an ad on mobile phones. It is listed as one of the top performers on Google AdSense.

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